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— Preparation and negotiation of contracts and financial operations
— Legal advice regarding the funding of industrial projects, project finance, funding of
    resources and loans, and financing of mergers & acquisitions
— Debt restructuring and financial reengineering
— Legal assistance and advice regarding preparation, negotiation, and issuance of securities,
    derivatives, and other financial products
— Legal advice regarding tender offers for share acquisitions and take-over-bids
— Legal advice regarding corporations going public and going private
— Legal advice regarding the relationship with investors, releases to the market and
    disclosure of material facts
— Legal advice regarding the management of third parties’ financial resources and the
    administration of assets
— Active participation in administrative proceedings and defense before the Comissão de Valores
    Mobiliários – CVM, the Banco Central do Brasil – BACEN and the Conselho de Recursos do Sistema
    Financeiro Nacional – CRSFN.
— Active participation in administrative litigations before the Stock Exchange, the Brazilian
    Mercantile and Futures Exchange, and the Over-the-Counter Market entities
— Active participation in litigations, mediations, and arbitrations

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