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— Elaboration of papers and legal opinions related to corporate law issues
— Business and corporate negotiations legal structuring
— Incorporations, associations, consortiums, joint ventures, entities, and organizations
— Elaboration of by-laws, articles of incorporation, shareholders' agreements as well as any
    other corporate instruments
— Preparation, elaboration, legal and strategic negotiation of acquisition and divestiture of
    equities, corporate restructurings, mergers, split-ups, amalgamations, incorporations, and
    acquisition or transfer of equity holding
— Management of judicial proceedings involving company reconstruction and restructuring,
    including judicial and extrajudicial recovery cases
— Elaboration of by-laws and inner regulations aiming at companies’ conformity with the
    principles of corporate governance
— Judicial action in corporate litigations
— Participation in mediation and arbitration proceedings
— Mediation and legal support aiming at the solution of corporate relationship conflicts and at
    the accomplishment of. shareholders' agreements
— Proxy performance at general meetings of shareholders, quotaholders, and bond holders

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