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Eizirik Advogados' approach is focused on clients seeking excellence, high quality and customized attention from its highly experienced senior professionals.

The firm provides legal advice to state entities, private companies and government agencies on financial and capital market and their activity structuring.

Professional care is paramount to our staff towards providing our clients with legal alternatives aiming at transactions and asset preservation. Maximum effectiveness and creativity are employed to achieve corporate solutions, which by no means jeopardize legal security.

We value our constantly-updated sources on legal doctrine, legislation, regulatory and administrative decisions, regularly updated to ensure increasing performance quality.

In-depth professional experience with legal matters within a wide range of corporate issues qualifies our attorneys for counseling and carrying out complex strategic negotiations.


Emphasis on research and incentive to academic excellence and production bestows credibility and accountability on us.

Eizirik Advogados adds value to doctrine and jurisprudence precedent research, as can be ascertained from our principals’ updated academic production on corporate law and on the financial and stock markets.

We also encourage our professionals’ consistent intellectual enrichment through their participation in courses, congresses and seminars. Our library is also permanently updated.

Eizirik Advogados, therefore, relies motivated and capable professionals constantly seeking the most effective solutions to our clients’ complex issues.

Eizirik Advogados, furthermore, fosters knowledge advancement through staff member’s participation in domestic and international events as lecturers and debaters.


Eizirik Advogados' integrity is our key concern as ascertained from our ethical attitude which distinguishes us in the Brazilian law firm scenario.

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